Find out what it means to be professional trader and investor in the crypto market

Introductory 2 hour webinar
Artem Dishel Chief Trader of Prop Trading Company KepsTrade
From a beginner to a professional trader - investor in 3 months
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webinar on the basics of crypto investing
Professional trading company KepsTrade
Our mission is to provide you with the training, technology, capital, coaching and mentorship to transform you into an elite investor trader.
5 years
For so many years our school exists and is constantly being improved.
over 760
Number of graduates who successfully trade with us
$17 million per year
Company turnover per month
Cooperation options
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Day crypto trader
Surrounded by a professional team
  • The course lasts 3 months
  • 2 lessons per week
  • Homework
  • Step-by-step algorithm of actions
  • Accompanying a mentor
  • Briefings -
  • certified coaching sessions
  • Connection to the general chat of traders
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For long-term transactions from 1 year
For people who have an income of $ 3000 per month
  • 12 lessons
  • Homework
  • Coin search step by step checklist
  • Step-by-step algorithm of actions
  • Connecting to the general investor chat
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Internship in the company
We are looking for professional traders
  • We provide capital for students and traders who want to join our team
  • Need statistics for at least 3 months
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Our team
Everyone has at least 2 years of trading experience and teaching skills
Artem Dishel
Record profit in 14 days 780%

An experience
7+ years

I trade in cryptocurrency
Eduard Sukhorukih
Risk manager
Certified coach
raised more than 100 people to a new level of consciousness
Pavel Girich
A real bear in the cryptocurrency market
An experience 2+ years

Trades on СRYPTO
Vladyslav Yudashkin
Dprofessional trader
An experience 3+ years

Trades on СRYPTO
Anton Bogdanov
Head of Sales & Customer Relations
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How to join your team?
Get trained by our company to pass the trial time! Increase trading volumes and move on.
How is the training going?
First comes the theory and practice, so the information is absorbed more effectively. After passing the training hours, you pass the exams, receive a certificate + the opportunity to work in a company, receive capital for management
Is it possible to study theory remotely?
Yes, you can go through half hours of theory to study on your own. You can also study in the mornings, evenings on weekdays and weekends.
What is needed for learning?
The computer and the desire to learn.
To find out more, please contact us at a single number +1 386 278 5676
Student feedback
I got a lot of useful knowledge for myself. I will put it into practice now, thanks to KEPSTRADE for such a cool course!
Masha Nazariy
Internet Marketer at Pix
Thank you! Now I know what to do to improve my results and now I have a step by step plan. The lecture about Technical Analysis was especially useful for me.
Dmitry Chob
Banker in DD
Very cool course! The concentration of the necessary knowledge on trading without water, I am very satisfied, I advise everyone.
Pasha Girich
private trader
I learned a lot of useful things for my business from this course. It was the most productive spending of money on education in the last 5 years.
Vlad Yudashkin
Creative director of SoSoul magazine
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+1 (386) 524-5778
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